Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here are some photos that I took over the past month in Denali.  The first few are from May when this park was still very much a wintery wonderland.  But, just in the last couple of weeks, summer has decided to show up, and now I am very happy to have sunshine and greenery.  If you've never visited Denali National Park in the summer, you're really missing out!  This might be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been lucky enough to live. 
Toklat River in May.  I live in a cabin on the Toklat, just behind where I stood to take this picture.

Ranger Emily and I ride our bikes on the park road sometimes after work.  On this particular day in May, I think I got some mild frostnip on my fingers and toes - not fun. 

This view is from Wonder Lake, looking at Mt. McKinley (Denali).  We had some beautiful weather in May.  I am lucky because I get to go to Wonder Lake and Kantishna (at the end of the park road) about twice a week to give programs about Kantishna, a historic place where a gold rush took place in 1905.

Here are some of my co-workers (all are really awesome people!) taking a nap on the tundra on a Mother's Day hike.  Tina (farthest left) is the only mother in this picture. 

This bear was my first Denali grizzly bear!  She (I think it's a female because she's so cute) is digging for roots (probably the root of the Eskimo potato - has lots of nutrients in the springtime).  Bears are great at "eating in season," as one of my co-workers puts it.  They eat whatever is most nutritious throughout the season. 

Here's our view from the historic ranger station at Wonder Lake.  Yes, this is one of my offices.  This is where I come when I do the Kantishna experience programs.  I was blessed with this beautiful day on my very first program!

On June 8, my good friend from Loyola, Meghan, got married in Florida.  Meghan's mom made her dress, and she looked beautiful!  It was my first time being a bridesmaid.  Here I am with the Loyola gang - from left - Isabel, Erin, Meghan, me, and Kevin. 

Good old friends hanging out after the wedding

When I returned from Florida, Denali had turned green in just 5 days!  The changing of seasons happens quickly up here being only 200 miles south of the Arctic circle.  This is the view of the Eielson visitor center at mile 66 on the park road (another one of my offices). 

As I write this blog on June 19, the wildflowers are probably at their peak.  We've had some very warm, sunny weather, and we're near the solstice with so much daylight.  This pretty little flower, mountain avens, is probably my favorite.  It's also a favorite food of the Dall's Sheep in the park.

Here's me leading a guided hike on the Alpine trail next to Eielson visitor center.  That's McKinley on the left.