Saturday, January 19, 2013

Racetrack, sand dunes, and ghost towns

The Mesquite Dunes

Teakettle junction on the way to the Racetrack

1939 Jeanette

moving rocks at the Racetrack

another moving rock on the Racetrack playa

two rocks racing each other

The Racetrack playa in Death Valley National Park

Jeanette atop the "Grandstand" at the Racetrack

Leadfield, a ghost town in Titus Canyon (they mined silver and lead here)

The Panamint Dunes

The Panamint Valley from the dunes

Jon and Jeanette resting on the dunes

Jeanette's shadow

beautiful, untouched sand

remnants of the ghost town of Skidoo

the old mill at Skidoo, high up in the Panamint mountains

Jeanette with Jon creeping out of the mine