Saturday, March 9, 2013

more Death Valley!

Fall Canyon - Can you see Masaki and Jon on the rock?

Augerberry Point overlooking Death Valley

Beautiful colors in a rock in Little Bridge Canyon, Death Valley

Pretty red rock in Little Bridge Canyon

Jon and Jeanette being jubilant on Jubilee Mountain in Death Valley

Crankshaft Junction in Death Valley

My little panchito at the Eureka Sand Dunes (highest sand dunes in California)

Jon atop the Eureka dunes - can you tell how windy it is?

Beautiful sand dune

More of the Eureka dunes

Watch out for that dust tornado!  Now can you tell how windy it is?

A beautiful old fish hatchery building in the Owens Valley of California

Reconstructed barraks and mess hall at Manzanar National Historic Site, CA

Manzanar NHS cemetery
Jon petting the nice horses in the Alabama Hills, CA