Saturday, May 4, 2013


Well, my brother and I made it out of Watson Lake, Yukon after spending two nights there at the Big Horn Hotel.  It's funny because a good friend in Anchorage gave me some advice when I told her I was driving up to Alaska.  She said, "whatever you do, don't stay in Watson Lake, Yukon."  She said she and her family had stopped a couple of times in Watson Lake and got creepy feelings.  Well, Sean and I managed to enjoy our time in Watson Lake.  We had great buffalo burgers at a truck stop I think was called Bee-Jays.  We also became friends with Jack, a ranger who was heading to Juneau, AK for the summer to work as a ranger at Mendenhall Glacier.  Sean and I, being history lovers, also greatly enjoyed watching the wonderful miniseries, "Into the West" on Canadian television each night.  We found the people in Watson Lake to be very nice.  Here are a few pictures from our trip beyond Watson Lake into Alaska.

I was feeling a bit crazy driving a chevy cavalier through northern Canada in April, but when we met Ranger Jack and his corvette, I didn't feel so crazy.  This is a picture of Jack's corvette in front of us on our way towards Whitehorse.  We decided to caravan with Jack until his turnoff to go to Haines, AK to catch the ferry to Juneau. 

Before we said goodbye to our friend, Jack, we had lunch with him at a restuarant in Teslin, Yukon where they had the best clam chowder!

Here's the stretch of Alaska highway just past Haines Junction, Yukon.  This is near Kluane Lake.  Beautiful!

Burwash Landing was one of the last small communities we saw before reaching the Alaskan border.

One of the exciting things we got to see after reaching Alaska was the famous Alaskan oil pipeline stretching from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.  This picture is near Delta Junction in Alaska. 
Just before reaching Fairbanks, we drove through the town of North Pole, Alaska.  We were pressed for time, so we didn't visit Santa's house.  It's Christmastime all year here.  I will definitely be back to visit the North Pole!
We finally reached Denali National Park on April 21.  When we arrived, we found LOTS of snow still covering the park.  Here's a picture I took on my second day of training looking north from the park road around mile 7.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  Mt. McKinley was out, but you cannot see it in this photo. 
Also on our second day of training, all of the new interpretive rangers posed by the park sign for a picture.  Here we are as moose.  I'm all the way to the right. 
Well, that's it for now.  Next time I post, I should be out at Toklat where my cabin is.  It is located at mile 55 on the park road on the Toklat River.  I hope to see many nice views of Mt. McKinley, so keep checking out my blog to see more pictures.  Hasta luego!