Friday, April 19, 2013

Driving to Alaska

My brother, Sean, and I are driving north to Alaska to work as park rangers at Katmai (for Sean) and Denali (for me) National Parks.  We started our trip in Las Vegas, where Sean flew in from New Orleans to meet me.  Our end destination is Denali in Alaska and then Sean will continue down to Anchorage so he can catch a flight to King Salmon, AK.  We've had a great adventure so far.  Here are some pictures of our journey so far.

We started our trip by spending one night at Zion National Park.

Sean and I along the Virgin River in Zion.

We then drove north from Utah into Idaho and Montana.  We made a short side trip to see a friend at Glacier National Park.

Our friend, Steve, and his dog, Kenai, were very hospitable hosts at Glacier.
There was still lots of snow at Glacier, as you can see.  We saw a nice looking fox as we were leaving. 
We then headed north into Alberta, Canada.  We did not see any wild roses.
In Alberta we saw lots of rolling plains and farm country.
From Alberta, we headed northwest into British Columbia, where the official Alaska Highway begins at Dawson Creek.
The scenery started getting really beautiful in BC.  We could tell we were getting closer to Alaska and the frozen north.
In BC you must watch out for buffalo hanging out on the side of the road!
We saw some other nice wildlife at Liard River, BC.
Friends and guidebooks recommended stopping at Liard River Hot Springs in British Columbia.  It was really worth it!

That's all for now.  We're currently stranded in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory hoping to get clear driving weather tomorrow.  I don't think I'll be driving to Alaska again in April.