Sunday, July 5, 2015

Recent Wanderings with lots of flowers

A beautiful flower that I cannot identify

Alpine aster

The Callahan lava flow is about 1,100 years old, the youngest in the monument.  

a squirrel being squirrely

Mule deer parading past my apartment

Yellow-headed blackbird

This landform is Castle Rock.  The locals call it the Peninsula because it was once a peninsula of land surrounded by Tule Lake.  The lake was drained in the early 1900s to make farm land.  Today Tule Lake is only about a tenth of what it once was.  Tule Lake war relocation center where 18,000 people of Japanese ancestry were interned during WWII was just on the other side of Castle Rock.

White pelicans on Tule Lake

Mount Shasta as seen from the northern part of Lava Beds

My friend Christina and I hiked up Gillem Bluff one evening and did ballet poses with Mount Shasta.  Great way to spend an evening!

Medicine Lake is about sixteen miles from where I live up in the Modoc National Forest.  It's a beautiful place to get away and go swimming!  The lake sits inside the caldera of the Medicine Lake shield volcano.  

View looking south over the Modoc National Forest near Medicine Lake

showy penstemon

A couple of ravens doing raven things

This is an area of the monument that had a wildfire last summer but is now showing new life with abundant blooming phacelia.


Sunshine coming into Sunshine Cave

the same burned area with phacelia

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